You Can Police Language But You Can’t Police Thought

Can you permanently ban people who say things you don’t like from Twitter? Can you make rules that ensure that no one ever says the things again?

Yes, yes, you can. Especially if you’re one of the rich white males who runs twitter.

Can you ban people who say things you don’t like from Facebook? Can you drive those conversations underground, into secret forums and private homes, and keep them from seeing certain mainstream media outlets?

Yes, you can. Especially if you’re one of the rich white males who runs Facebook.

Can you shut down WordPress blogs that say things you don’t like? Can you rig the system so that no one can fight it?

Yes, you can. Especially if you’re one of the rich white males who runs WordPress.

Yes, rich white males control the resources and they can control the conversation. They always have. They aren’t ready to quit now.

Language can be removed, silenced, coerced and controlled by people with sufficient power.

But thought cannot be.

Stopping people from speaking does not stop them from thinking.

So doublespeak it up, media moguls, because here’s the thing.

Nobody thinks men are women.

There are three categories of opinion on this matter.

One, those who don’t think men are women and who don’t pretend they do.

Two, those who don’t think men are women and who do pretend they do. Most often because they recognize the statement as a symantic distinction and not one that describes any sort of underlying physical reality. And they just don’t care that much about symantics.

Other times because they think it’s polite, or that it makes them look good, or because they don’t want to fight. Or because they’ve been bullied. Or because they’d like to keep their Twitter, Facebook and WordPress accounts, and to do so, they have to follow the rich white man’s rules.

And three, those who have temporarily convinced themselves that men are women because reality is painful and they have a personal stake in denying it.

Temporarily, as evidenced by the sheer amount of effort that they put into keeping that reality at bay. Policing language so that no one speaks of the reality. Seeking validation in the form of praise and access to opposite-sex resources. Curating unrealistic selfies that shore up the fantasy. Modifying their bodies and their documents to eliminate evidence of the reality and simulate its opposite. Censoring, doxxing, stalking, sabotaging, threatening, and obsessing over those who speak of the reality.

Temporarily, because a house of cards is always on the brink of falling.

For those wondering, the current closure of this blog’s content is self-imposed, not censorship by the platform. Because unlike certain online-only activists who live for this shit, I’m too much busy to edit, defend, relocate, or fight about the content of this blog. I have backed it up and have options for relocating it, but I’m engaged in much more important work at the moment.

So come get me, boys, if you’re scared of even these words.

I promise you haven’t heard the last from me. And when you hear from me again, it’ll be via a much bigger and better platform than this penny ante free blog.


13 thoughts on “You Can Police Language But You Can’t Police Thought

  1. Your story, when it was still here, literary made me cry.

    You would be surprised, people are very naive and ignorant (I myself used to be naive and ignorant). They conflate autogynephilia with gay, just prettier. There is this dude who’s been living in an unhappy marriage for many years; he undergoes multiple cosmetic surgeries, turns into a pretty butterfly hereroxesual woman and flied away, finally free. Who’s going to judge him for wanting to be a pretty woman, a little angel?

    This is actually benevolent sexism, “woman” is associated with beauty, kindness, innocence, so the guy is “bettering” himself. And he’s even more like a “girl” since she is brand new and hasn’t sinned yet. His wife, an adult woman, is an evil queen.

    When I relayed your story to my husband, he initially reacted like I was wearing a tin foil hat. It was a revelation for him that those men stay heterosexual males, mostly with their genitals intact. Duh!

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  2. Hi
    What’s your other blog please?
    Also, where can I read your story? I’m a very much involved GC radfem and ‘transwidows’ stories are rarely seen in my circles.
    Thank you.
    Also, in s2 of why people will go along with TWAW are for reasons of political expediency, thus we see high profile FEMALE MPs spouting this nonsense, hoping ordinary women won’t notice. We have.
    (And good luck with your next


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