About This Blog

I wrote this blog about my marriage to a transgender person, starting in January of 2016. We have since divorced. I’ve slowed down on posting here, and at one point, decided I’d close this blog altogether and start a different one. I made all the posts private and temporarily changed the name.

But then emails started pouring in. Trans widows, parents of trans teens and assorted regular people told me that they loved my blog, shared it with others, referenced it and didn’t want to see it disappear. So I’m re-releasing these blog articles, a few at a time. Note the dates — most don’t represent what’s going on in my life, but what went on in my life a couple of years ago.

I have other projects in the works and I’ll keep you posted on those. But for now, thank you for your support, and enjoy these re-released posts. Perhaps “enjoy” isn’t the right word. In any case, it’s good to be back.

4 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. I’m thankful that you brought back the earlier posts as they are an extraordinary revelation of the destructive nature of trans… well… everything. Looking forward to the book, and very glad that you are past these earlier posts.

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  2. Thanks for sharing. People need to get educated; the trans trend is fundamentally unhealthy and destructive. We should not be egging it on, giving it legal protections, or promoting it to dissatisfied youth. People need to learn to love themselves; can’t be something you’re not.

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  3. Thank you so much for bringing back these posts! I’ve been taking a break from WordPress because of too much harsh news, and it’s such a pleasure to come back and see some of your posts are back up. You and Purple Sage Fem made me aware of the serious problems with transgender politics, and now she’s deleted a lot of her posts too and is stopping writing. I know it must be emotionally brutal work to stand up to all these problems and keep making your voice heard. Thank you so much for continuing to write and speak out.


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