Liberal Values Don’t Apply

An ex-friend of mine has jumped on the trans bandwagon. A year ago he and his long-term girlfriend (now broken up, what a surprise) were the ultimate underemployed, granola, anti-establishment hippies.

Now, of course, he’s a devotee of Lancome Voluminous Lash Booster and Big Pharma.

All around me I’m watching liberals:

  • Criticize consumerism and capitalism. Unless you’re trans, in which case you require thousands of dollars in make-up, clothing, surgery, and drugs.
  • Criticize Big Pharma, plastic surgery and the medicalization of personality variance. Unless you’re trans, in which case every cosmetic procedure you want is a life-or-death need and you should totally sign up for dangerous elective surgeries and lifelong dependency on off-label drugs.
  • Promote self-acceptance and criticize body-shaming. Unless you’re trans. Then your body is wrong and should be fixed.
  • Criticize gender stereotypes as harmful to women. Unless you’re trans. Then they are an innate feature of your brain and a noble form of self-expression.
  • Promote teaching children that they can be anything they want to be; rearing them in a hands-off way to encourage their self-expression; treating their bodies as inviolate. Unless their behavior fails to reinforce gender stereotypes. Then they’re probably trans and should be funneled into a course of action that ensures that their bodies will match society’s assessment of their personalities.
  • Uphold free speech, decry censorship, vilify bullying. Unless someone speaks on a philosophy (like radical feminism) or a material reality (like a uterus) that makes a trans person feel left out. Then that person should be no-platformed, silenced, harrassed, doxxed, gotten fired from their job and told to die in a fire. Or at least it’s justified, especially if they’re female.
  • Celebrate womanhood. Unless that means making a vulva cupcake; putting on a production of the Vagina Monologues; speaking on menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, birth control, female socialization; or gathering together exclusively, because a trans person might not be able to identify with that stuff. If you want to celebrate womanhood, you can play a Shania Twain song about it.
  • Promote taking responsibility for your own happiness and not caring what other people think. Unless you’re trans. Then what other people think and say can literally kill you and you should coerce them to fall in line, with legal measures if necessary.

Guess who else loves capitalism, consumerism, and Big Pharma? Guess who else wants you to get rid of that stray hair on your face and get a boob job so you can look prettier? Guess who else thinks kids ought to play games appropriate for their sex? Guess who else wants women to shut up about their periods and their issues? Guess who thinks wearing dresses threatens manhood and probably kicked some guys’ asses for it in high school?


What’s more likely? That trans people are so different from the rest of the population, that liberal values can’t and don’t apply?

Or that liberals, who understandably want to be nice to people superficially aligned with the LGB movement,  are in reaction-mode, trying very hard to avoid getting yelled at by loud people on the Internet?


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