Sexuality: Anything but Sex

Back in the days when folks were less troubled by identity woes, we started with three sexual orientations that encompassed the only three ways someone might relate to the two sexes (sexes being defined as people with particular sex organs):

  • homosexuality
  • heterosexuality
  • bisexuality

And then these inspired people to make up new words in the same vein that aren’t actually about sexuality (as they are unassociated with and exist outside the sexes):

  • demisexual
  • sapiosexual
  • pansexual
  • etc

Then, “cotton ceiling” rhetoric and the myth that sexuality is an attraction to a gender instead of a sex erased at least two of the “original” sexualities (homosexual and heterosexual), calling both bigoted, and permitting only the existence of bisexuals who are unparticular about sex organs but who can be organized into those who like lipstick and those who like neckties.

Thus, it’s now only ok to be sexual with something other than sex organs.

The definition of fetish is:

Sexual arousal from the use of nonliving objects or a highly specific focus on non-genital body part(s).

And so with transgender ideology, sexuality has been wholly replaced with fetish.