I’m Speaking at WoLF Fest!

I was beyond honored when Lierre Keith, whose writing I really admire, asked me to speak at WoLF fest. More details to follow.

Let me know if any of you are going. I’d love to see you there!


8 thoughts on “I’m Speaking at WoLF Fest!

  1. Just checking in and wanted to say how amazing you are.

    I’m so happy you’ll be doing this and I will be there with you in spirit. I’m too poor and disabled to get there so I pray somebody makes a video of you.

    Keep going, keep posting, keep sharing so that women can keep finding you and know they aren’t alone within the onslaught of gaslighting and destruction of women from the inside out.

    My love to you and all the women who will be at the WoLF fest!

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    • Just double-checked and confirmed that you’re the one who sent me the “fierce and fiery love” way back when, which I really really appreciated, and I kept that on a post-it note in my house for the longest time. You’re the best ally.


      • Thank you so much, that means a lot to me.

        I’ve been poor most of my life and so the only things I have been able to give that mattered were my words or showing up and helping with whatever has needed to be done. Sadly I’m disabled and quite ill now so even that has been curtailed.

        I also went through a very fucked up divorce but I didn’t have the added dimension of a gaslighting autogynephile (MY words not yours so, lads, lay off this amazing soul and have a go at me if you lot think you’re clever enough, which you won’t be) and his polished gaslighting autogynephile friends. Mine was just your average gaslighter. I remember that tremendous amount of self love I had to learn after that debacle and he still found ways to undermine and manipulate me well after the jig was up. Thank gawd I was able to afford a really amazing lesbian head doctor to help me get through that. No patriarchal indoctrination was forthcoming from her.

        I can’t imagine how much pain and hell you’ve gone through in this crazy day and age but I recognised that self love you needed and the only thing I could do was passionately post to you and send you an ethereal love of strong words. It pains me all I have to give are my words, thoughts, passion, and love but when they can mean something for somebody, mean something for you, if words give any support and let us know we’re not alone in this fight then I’ll die a happy old gal.

        I still pray I win a huge lottery so I can fund all the radfem movements. 😉

        I do my best to support my sisters everywhere in the only ways I can.

        All the best to you and see if you can take a slight detour to visit the giant dolos the tsunami washed up in 1964 I think it was. It was one of the last things I saw in California before I move away from America. Our mama ocean is one tempramental force that men haven’t found a way to dominate, yet. 🙂


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