Don’t be Afraid of Information

Don’t censor.

Don’t ban.

Don’t no-platform.

Don’t decide that a topic or group of people is untouchable.

Don’t protect yourself from material you think you’ll dislike.

Don’t try to shut down libraries.

Do this for you, not out of consideration for the people you consider enemies. 

Don’t be afraid of information.

You’ll only make yourself stupider.


One thought on “Don’t be Afraid of Information

  1. When radiqueers started trying to ban feminist books from a women’s library I started thinking about censorship. I know there have been feminist initiatives to ban porn in the past, but we hardly ever advocate for banning anything anymore. There are tons of books I think are hateful and misguided that I know are available in public libraries but it has never occurred to me to try to ban them. I’ve never even “hidden” them by moving them to the wrong place in the library so that no one can find them. That’s because I’m not actually afraid of the information. If something is obviously wrong, then people will know it’s wrong when they read it. People who are wrong discredit themselves, there is no need for anyone else to have their work censored. I think I believe in censorship in some limited cases, but generally speaking people with all sorts of political opinions should be allowed to speak. I don’t advocate for silencing trans people who speak about their lives, and they shouldn’t be advocating for silencing women for speaking about ours. The fact that they are afraid of what women say says something about them.

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