Apparently I Have the Shining.

This is just weird. I was looking for an old email when I came across this one that I sent to a friend a full four months before my ex’s very first episode of cross-dressing.

I swear I have not changed a single word of this, except the redacted name.

“I had this wonderful dream that I was riding a broom. In my dream, riding a broom was something every woman (not men) could try, but not everyone could do it. You would get on the broom and it would twitch and pull you forward and you had to have some skill to control it and to get it to go upward.

Also, it gave you a bad name, maybe like being a rabid feminist. So like most women, I had always sort of decided maybe I shouldn’t. But then I decided to do it anyway, and I could fly! And it was amazing! I was weaving in and out of trees in the woods and it was very freeing. And I sometimes passed other women on brooms. And there was never any mention of being a witch nor did that really seem to be a real thing.

I told [my ex] and he said ‘That sounds pretty Freudian.'”