We’re Not Superior to Other Creatures

From Derrick Jensen’s Deep Green Resistance interview with Mary Lou Singleton¬†on midwifery:

“This is happening everywhere in… everything to do with women’s culture… it’s kind of being hijacked by right now by this postmodern queer theory movement of uh… there’s no such thing as a woman. There is no material reality. ‘Woman’ is what anybody says a woman is.

And I think this… obviously I’ve done a ton of thinking about this and why is it so deeply upsetting to me, and I do think that if we look at larger cultural forces there is this enormous well-funded transhumanist movement trying to completely untether humanity from our connection to the earth, from our understanding of ourselves as a living organism among other living organisms on the living system that is this planet. This movement is very frightening to me.

And I think that transgenderism falls under that umbrella of trying to completely divorce ourselves from being living creatures with a wild side to ourselves, and you know, we are here among other creatures and we’re not superior to other creatures, we’re not different from them. And the ways we’re different are the ways we shouldn’t be cultivating.” – Mary Lou Singleton