Notes from the Women’s March in My Town

  • A well-off looking straight white dude — not even dressed in women’s clothing, not that I think wearing women’s clothing is a cause or sign of womanhood — carrying a sign that said “Sex work is work.”
  • A MtF, who has never owned female genitalia nor been grabbed in the crotch, carrying a sign about the possibility of someone grabbing his “pussy”
  • A speaker’s blurb about Title IX and its founders’ interest in providing safe spaces and sports opportunities for girls. No mention of the fact that those founders didn’t include the clause “and some males with certain interior states of mind.”
  • A transman, you know, a person who socially and medically and philosophically disavowed where she came from, saying that we must always be true to where we’ve come from.
  • Speakers demanding that we dismantle the patriarchy! Except of course when the patriarchy comes in the form of harmful sex stereotypes being promoted by men who are appropriating womanhood.
  • Many signs featuring the words “vulva,” “pussy,” “ovaries,” and “uterus,” some signs featuring drawings of uteruses, some signs linking “women” to “reproductive rights” and at least one woman with a uterus painted on her face. Thank you, sisters, for not bowing to the pressure to pretend that female genitalia/sex organs don’t exist and/or aren’t female and/or aren’t related to women’s rights and/or should remain unspeakable.
  • Tons of women. A huge turnout. And tons of women I know. Yay!

13 thoughts on “Notes from the Women’s March in My Town

  1. We had a trans woman with a sign that said something like “why is it harder for a trans woman to get hormones than a cis woman to get an abortion?” (Gee, I dunno? Why is it so easy for perimenopausal women to get hormones when we might not even want them?) We also had a trans woman speaker with a deep voice, who was the only one to mention disabled people (I’m disabled). We also had a woman with a yoni-shaped sign, which made me want to cheer.

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    • “why is it harder for a trans woman to get hormones than a cis woman to get an abortion?”

      I freaking doubt it is. As far as I can tell, anyone and everyone can march into a doctor’s office and demand hormones without any “gatekeeping,” and in fact, that new law comparing *not* dispensing hormones to illegal “conversion therapy” has therapists scared to suggest that any other course of action might be appropriate.

      Also goes to show you how clueless MtFs are if they think the issue of males getting an off-label drug that makes them like their boobs more is anywhere near on the scale of importance of preventing a woman from spending her next 18 years in 24/7 service to keeping a child alive that she doesn’t want.

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      • It’s the language of victimhood & it’s exactly what got the new president elected. It’s all about how people “feel”, nobody thinks anymore. The new president played that up to the hilt. I don’t know about you, but in Boston, now of the speakers were talking the language of victimhood. Elizabeth Warren rocked!

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      • Thank you for pointing this out. Totally ridiculous that it’s harder to get hormones than an abortion.

        When I turned on the local coverage of the demonstration in Augusta, Maine, the first person interviewed with an obvious transgender biological male. Immediately turned off coverage.


      • This was in Canada, so it’s actually possible it’s harder for men to get hormones here (and easier for women to get an abortion). Not that I care. Hormones are not going to solve your problems, dude. (Though I was tempted to offer him my premarin leftovers.)


      • Even if it were harder to get hormones, it fucking should be! Amazing, but not surprising, that an M2T would bring such an anti-feminist message to a women’s march and not get called out for it.

        An abortion needs to happen fast because there’s a zygote developing into an embryo into a fetus into a baby, and the sooner the better to perform the abortion for the woman’s health, not to mention before viability when you run into real life ethical issues (not just the “every sperm is sacred” mantra of the religious right). Making a man wait a few appointments for his elective hormones that he wants for cosmetic purposes is basic medical protocol. (I won’t call it good medicine. Good medicine would be telling him he doesn’t need those hormones.)

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  2. I generally can’t attend marches due to health issues so I was glad it was so prominent on Twitter. Soon got frustrated to see trans activists shouting “cissexism” and “transphobia” because women dared speak of their biology at a women’s march. How dare, how DARE we speak of the source of our oppression following misogynist and sexist campaigns, by Trump and against Clinton? How dare we mention “pussies” after Trump’s infamous comment? Where were the claims of transphobia and cissexism when Trump made that comment?

    If anyone was still in any doubt about the misogyny behind trans ideology most of that doubt should be gone. If “transwomen are women” then why do they systematically try to silence us? Why do they never support us? Why do they always make it about them? Rant over, sorry 😉

    I’ll ignore all this and focus on a phenomenal event. Sisterhood is powerful and this march was the perfect antidote to the past few months. It gives me a little hope.

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    • “How dare we mention ‘pussies’ after Trump’s infamous comment? Where were the claims of transphobia and cissexism when Trump made that comment?”

      Wow, that’s really insightful. Thanks for the comment.


  3. On my facebook feed a transman (a friend of mine, who I call by the name and pronouns they desire but fundamentally dusagree with) shared an image about how “no uterus, no opinion” signs were transphobic because “being a woman does not mean being reduced to a vagina” or somthing like that. The sign literally said no uterus no opinion and yet they had a problem, despite the fact it was the kind of language trans people demand all the fucking time. They weren’t saying transmem couldnt because they didnt know the struggle, or that transwomen could. It was about a biological body part that the sign did not conflate as either man or woman, hell not even male or female. The majority of women (and definitely almost all females regardless of how they identify) have this problem and, what, 3 or something transwomen who have had uterus transplants. Virtually 0% of transwomen have this problem so they need to back the fuck off.

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