What It’s Like to be Four

According to Web MD, here are some of the activities and milestones of turning four:

  • Singing, rhyming, and making up words
  • Count ten or more objects
  • Correctly name at least four colors and three shapes
  • Recognize some letters and possibly write his or her name
  • Walk up and down stairs without help
  • Peddle a tricycle
  • Copy a triangle, circle, square, and other shapes
  • Stack 10 or more blocks
  • Use a fork and spoon

Here are just some of the kids who were declared transgender by the age of four and started on the path to transition by the adults in their life:




7 thoughts on “What It’s Like to be Four

  1. Ugh, yeah. Kids that age are just starting to figure out the most basic categories, like boy and girl. There’s no way they’re sophisticated enough to understand the difference between sex and gender, and how the two interact. I think that’s not until the teens in most people.

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    • Johnny, can you tell me which shape is a circle and which is a square? And you do understand that if you become a girl you’ll become a permanent medical patient, experience sexual dysfunction, likely become sterilized and have trouble finding partners of any kind, right? You’ve weighed those risks and are sure?

      Oh, but he likes Ariel and ponies so much. That’s the important thing.

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  2. When you are four, you also pretend to be other animals, as well as other people. How many kids insist that they’re dogs & bark & growl & run around on all fours? But you don’t see parents taking them to the vet for their medical care & to transition them into whatever breed they’ve “chosen”. There is no way a child can decide to “transition” into the opposite gender, they really have no concept of it at all. It is ALWAYS the parent who is making these decisions, for whatever reasons & issues they may have.

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      • I identified as Tyrannosaurus rex. Grrrrr. Stomp stomp stomp. My mother very wisely drew the line at letting me eat without hands, especially when I wanted to eat ice cream that way.

        I was disturbed by the kid whose mom said he was trying to chop off his bits. That doesn’t read as “really a girl” to me. That reads as “possibly being molested” and I’m a mandatory reporter, so I’ve been to lots and lots of training on the subject.

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