The DWR Feminist Quote of the Day – Meghan Murphy – On Feminism for Females

Excellent article.

“Weiss goes on to explain that the way women talk about women’s subordination under patriarchy (also known as the reason feminism exists) can ‘unintentionally erase trans and non-binary people.’ It’s a funny way of framing things… Similar to saying, for example, that Black Lives Matter ‘unintentionally erases’ white people.”

“But for some reason, it is only the women’s movement that is expected to accommodate everyone, and to ensure no one feels bad or left out. Odd! In fact, this is not odd at all. It is sexist.”

“The purpose of the women’s movement is to liberate the class of women, who are oppressed, as females, under patriarchy… This should not be a controversial statement for anyone who claims interest in the feminist project, but nonetheless countless do-gooders have taken it upon themselves to condescendingly explain to women that they need to sit down and shut up about their own material reality, within their own movement.”

“The notion that we should degender conversations about feminism suggests we pretend not to know who is oppressing whom, and why — a mindfuck if there ever was one. (Is it just folks vs. folks? Who are the folks? Why are some folks raping other folks?! It’s a mystery…)”

Dead Wild Roses

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