So It’s OK to Stop Then?

“It scares me that people are willing to betray with their words the obvious reality that they see in front of their eyes for the sake of political correctness.”

That’s a quote from Theryn Meyer, a MtF. About Daniel Muscoto.

Indeed, Theryn, indeed.



4 thoughts on “So It’s OK to Stop Then?

  1. It is disturbing to be in agreement with someone like Meyer. Though her real objection to Muscato is that ‘she’ isn’t even trying to present as female, while Meyer has clearly put a lot of work into it.


    • I think this is a subtle key that is missed by a lot of folks. Men who claim to be trans but don’t even try to look female are dangerous. However, there is a fine line between “looking female” and “looking like a woman stereotype”. A lot of people aren’t looking at this nuance. But it’s important to see in all the social threads currently.


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