Dear Trans Women Part 3 by Judith Bell

Reblogging because the third post in this series is as brilliant as the first two. All three parts are an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to understand these issues.

This is something that ought to give pause to trans activists and people on the fence: Radical feminist analysis of gender (“terfiness” if you like) is so often educated and well-researched, grounded in decades of research and civil rights theory, with arguments that ideological opponents simply haven’t addressed; instead they react with unsupported cries of “transphobia!” (despite the fact that feminist gender analysis was developed by and for women prior to and outside of any concern about dysphoric males).

Articles by transgender activists, by contrast, are so often nothing more than strings of assertions (“transwomen are women, full stop”) and/or random, ever-changing demands. I.e: start using these words, stop using these words, recognize gender as distinct from sex, recognize gender as identical to sex, Daniel Moscato’s a woman, Daniel Moscato’s a troll. I have literally seen one transgender activist rant about how triggering it was for a woman to borrow a tampon from another woman in front of him, and another rant about how it made him feel excluded when a woman stepped away from him before lending another woman a tampon. It’s going to take a little more intellectual rigor to defend transgender ideology’s assault on women’s rights.

Some highlights from Judith Bell’s third installation:

“If you like to eat at Szechuan hot pot restaurants, it doesn’t automatically mean that you’re Chinese. You see, gender, like the nationality of the Chinese person, is a social condition. You can’t confer it upon yourself. Only society can give you your gender.”

“It is especially troubling when trans women insist that ‘cis’ women are being ‘transphobic’ solely for critiquing female gender roles. To refresh your memory, female gender roles exist for one reason alone, and that reason is to oppress female people. If you are not female (hint: you’re not), then you have no right to tell female people to stop trying to dismantle the harmful stereotypes of femininity that they have been slaving under for millennia, just because doing so hurts your feelings.”


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