That Was Love and It’s an Ache I Still Remember

I’ve done my best to avoid this pathetically sad song, but it haunts me wherever I go. Beautiful video though.

When we found that we could not make sense
well you said that we would still be friends…
But you didn’t have to cut me off 
Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing… 
Now you’re just somebody that I used to know
I will never understand how he stomached, much less justified, writing me off after less than a year of contemplating gender. Someday that will become less painful, but it will never become fathomable. I suspect his difficulty reconciling it himself has something to do with his hatred and vilification of me now.
Because there are only two paths, right? Regret or annihilation of all that once was. And regret is not an option.
“Grief is the receipt we wave in the air that says to the world: Look! Love was once mine. I love well. Here is my proof that I paid the price.” – Glennon Doyle Melton

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