Reblog: Is there a “gender critical” way to transition?

“you should unravel the reasons why you began to hate your natural body in the first place and learn to change those feelings.”

“bodies are not wrong and that men and women can be any kind of people they want to be”

“they should be campaigning for single-user, unisex washrooms in order to balance their needs with women’s needs”

“being a female with dysphoria is not the same experience as being male, and there is no harm in acknowledging this”

“I think people can be fully themselves, even while making body modifications, without denying their biological sex”

“tell the truth. Every conversation about how to accommodate people with dysphoria should proceed from the truth.”

What a world we live in, that any of these are seen as controversial statements.

Purple Sage

In regards to the topic of how to handle early transition, commenter Daniel asked me this:

“Two other common methods for early transition are wearing the clothes of your target gender prior to medical treatment, or going on hormones but not announcing your transition until you have physically changed enough to pass.

Each has benefits and drawbacks, and I have seen feminists react negatively to all of them. There is a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation going on, and it’s not like there are official guidelines on how to handle this.

I’m genuinely curious, assuming someone has dysphoria and is transitioning to treat it, what would you like the early transition timeline to be? What do you think is the best course of action for all involved? This is not a settled question at all, and getting a gender critical perspective on it would be valuable.”

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One thought on “Reblog: Is there a “gender critical” way to transition?

  1. for late-onset MtFs: “being on low-dose estrogen and just being a weirdly androgynous man and occasional transvestite probably gets you most of the benefits of autogynephilic self-expression and dysphoria-reduction without the enormous costs of expecting everyone to pretend not to notice that you’re not literally female implied by full-time social transition!”


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