like how do u lesbian


This is an exchange between two MtFs objecting to my observation that hormones destroy the sex lives of MtFs and their partners.

This characterization of lesbians is insulting of course, but I think there’s something more interesting to note here — I think it’s sincere.

I didn’t realize this, but apparently many MtFs think that lesbian sex is sex in which the participants don’t like sex and are working around a missing penis. (We’re back to this idea of women as indefinable without men).

I shouldn’t be surprised. These are men. Of course they don’t know “how do u lesbian.”

This view probably comes from one or both of two typical porny MRA/straight dude ideas: A) the belief that women don’t have a sexuality outside of its use to men, or B) a view of sex as something someone performs on you, and who cares who’s performing it?

(As for lesbians having a low libido, I can only LOL — guess who’ve I had the most ten-hour sex marathons with? Hint: not men).

As an aside, these men who apparently have no understanding of homosexuality, due to their egregiously unimaginative straight-dude attitudes, are who is currently leading all discussion in the LGBT community.

But this perception of lesbianism explains a lot about MtFs.

It explains why they often say that no one can really tell trans people from “cis” people, and why they characterize romantic rejection as bigotry.  If sex is about lying back and letting someone go down on you, why can’t you just close your eyes and accept it from whoever offers?

It explains why they think they can redefine sexuality as something that’s about gender rather than sex, and the insistence that sex organs don’t matter or can be redefined as other sex organs. It explains why they think they can call themselves lesbians. Who needs to care about a person’s sex organs as long as they’re performing oral sex on you?

It explains why they choose turning themselves on over turning their partner on and are unable to understand that choice as a barrier to pleasing a partner.

But “how do u lesbian?” My readers know. 😉





8 thoughts on “like how do u lesbian

  1. How to lesbian:
    Step 1: Be female
    Step 2: Be attracted to females
    Step 3: Act on your attraction to another female

    Hint: This universally causes libido to rise, and at no point does anyone have a “missing penis.”

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  2. I had a friend who had the perfect answer to the “what do lesbians do?” question. She would smile mysteriously and then say, very quietly, “It’s more disgusting than you can possibly imagine.” That shut up the questioner and drove him crazy at the same time. Win-win.

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