Aaaand… here come the threats.

I’m being stalked by my ex-husband, and now I’m being threatened by his friends.

“I would not, despite what you think, purposefully expose you to threats,” my ex said eight days ago. I guess he changed his mind about that. Or vastly underestimated the hatred and vitriol of his people.

It’s almost as if a group of men are bullying a woman. It’s almost as if, despite their fashion choices, they are no different from the mess of other stalker ex-boyfriends and violent men I’ve known.


7 thoughts on “Aaaand… here come the threats.

  1. I am so sorry you are having to deal with these Psychos, they no, no end to their madness and vitriol behavior. There narcissistic personality disorders and demonic outburst should be exposed and they should be held accountable for their actions. We are doing our best to expose this agenda and hopefully turn the pendulum around. May God protect you from these dark forces.

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  2. The worst thing to happen in mental health was to no longer treat gender dysphoria as a mental health issue. Society is more vulnerable and those with the disorder unsupported in ways they need to me. If I put a lampshade on the man with a knife he is still a man with a knife not a lamp.

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  3. Document everything. Start a diary of all the actions, the indirect threats, the little odd things, the direct threats, who you see when and where. Don’t underestimate their hate of you. Talk to a women’s shelter/center, explain what you are experiencing, make sure they document your visit and open a file for you. I know this advice is inadequate, I know it seldom protects women from male violence. But it is currently our only path and even though it is inadequate, you need to be able to prove you got on the path. Ask for a restraining order against your ex and his friends. Even if the court won’t approve the order, it starts the legal record.

    It takes an enormous amount of misogyny for men to believe they can “be a woman.” Don’t underestimate how deep that hatred goes, nor how explosive it can be when it surfaces. Stay safe.

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  4. I think “purposefully” is the clue. It sounds like “I’m not telling them to threaten you but I’ll tell them all these awful things about you and then give them your address”.

    Stay safe.

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  5. What’s ironic about this is that you could cause him some serious embarrassment if you outed yourself and him. You mentioned all this media attention he’s gotten, and the unhappy ex surfacing would surely take some of the wind out his sails.

    It also figures that he’s the one tying his name to this blog rather than leave well enough alone.

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