Guess What’s Not Revolutionary?

  • Hating feminists. Yep, that one’s age old, and very, very status quo.
  • Calling yourself a feminist while making sure you qualify that profusely with how much feminism loves/concerns/includes men.
  • Having no appetite for reading or understanding the pioneering work of feminism. Second-wave feminism is not a “different” feminism. It’s the basis of feminism. A feminist who ignores or rejects it is like a biologist who doesn’t care for the theory of evolution.
  • Appropriation. Hint: The concept of intersectionality was coined by and for black women, doesn’t mean what you think it means, and was never meant to concern, for example, middle-class white guys. Just in case anyone didn’t “get the memo.”

Bonus factoid: The “radical” in “radical” feminism does not mean “extreme,” so bellyaching about how you don’t find radical feminism to be very revolutionary or cutting-edge only reveals your ignorance. The word means “root” (think square root, or the Rancid song). As in the root of women’s oppression, which is reproductive function.


7 thoughts on “Guess What’s Not Revolutionary?

  1. I was thinking tonight about the long history of medical oppression of women in general, and also rebellious people. Genital mutilation. Lobotomies. Hysterectomies for no reason. HRT as it was originated, with its toxic brew of synthetic hormones. All sold as being for the subject’s own good. All being sold as procedures that will make the patient feel better.

    I could go on.

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  2. Thanks for clarifying the meaning of radical. It’s one of my pet peeves when SJWs think it just means ‘cool’ or ‘extremist’. I would refer these geniuses to the theological movement known as ‘Radical Orthodoxy’. Hint: it does not mean Rowan Williams wearing a Sex Pistols t-shirt.

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    • Lots of so-called anarchists think anarchist means “I get to do whatever I want.” No. It means ultimate personal responsibility toward oneself and other people, and that’s why it can only be an ideal and never a reality.

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  3. I like to his, but question the definition of “radical feminism”, and wonder where you got that definition.

    There is an interesting Wikipedia entry for radical feminism I encourage everyone to check out, that includes the hwrstory of the term.

    I was first exposed to it when I read Robin Morgan’s book, “Going Too Far,” ~1980.

    Morgan defined RF (paraphrasing here) as a recognition that women’s oppression was the root of all other forms of oppression, including classism and racism, because women are oppressed in relationships with men and in the biological family: the fundamental building block of society and in each of our lives. She said that while a low-income child, or a child of an oppressed racial group experiences oppression when going outside the home, all children encounter females’ oppression in the order, practices and relationships within the nuclear family, and encounter that model of oppression within their own family.

    Later I read (but don’t recall the details of) a pushback against that definition of RF. the Wikipedia article says that generally, radical feminists advocate for changing the entire society and its institutions to a feminist one, rather than simply advocating for women’s equality within patriarchal institutions, which the article attributes to liberal feminism.

    I’m curious how others define radical feminism.

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