I Don’t Share Your Religion, and I Don’t Have To

Suppose someone asked me, “Do you identify as a slut or a prude?”

My answer would be: “I don’t identify as either. Both words imply a number of premises I don’t agree with: that sex is ‘sinful,’ that possible to have the wrong amount of it, that women’s sexuality should be policed more than men’s, and that there are only two clearly dichotomous extremes of sexual behavior, for example.”

Suppose the asker then said, “Oh, you identify as half prudish, half slutty then.” No, that would be the wrong answer too. “Slut-leaning prude?” No, still wrong.

Similarly, if I told someone I was an atheist, it wouldn’t be correct for them to say, “Ah, then you’re a little bit Christian and a little bit Muslim.” Nor would it be fair to say, “Anyone who doesn’t identify as a Christian is actually a Satanist.”

And yet, those of us who know that gender is a false dichotomy, a set of silly beliefs made up by men to ensconce social power structures, a bunch of arbitrary rules that neither logically categorizes us nor deserves our interest, are constantly being told which side we’re on. If we insist we’re not “cis,” a term that falsely implies that we dig the role that patriarchy has chosen for us, we’re told we’re “genderfluid” or “genderqueer” or “nonbinary.” And worse, that that puts us under the “trans” umbrella. No, people who reject gender are not properly categorized as belonging to the same group as people who are obsessed with it and make it the central focus of their lives. That all too conveniently inflates the number of trans people, for one thing.

I reject your religion. The fact that I exist does not confirm one or the other of its precepts.




6 thoughts on “I Don’t Share Your Religion, and I Don’t Have To

  1. It’s a loaded question, which is a recognized form of logical fallacy. Though to be perfectly honest I’d probably answer the first question “go f*** yourself” and the second one, “do you identify as cis or trans?” I think I might just say “no.”

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