A Trans Activist Walks by a Farm…

“If you limit womanhood to those with vaginas, you are reducing woman to an object to be fucked,” a recent commenter said.

A trans activist and I walk past a farm, and we see a rabbit.

Trans activist: Look, a chicken!

Me: Actually that’s a rabbit. Chickens have wings.

Trans activist: You’re reducing a chicken to something that is deep fried in hot sauce and served at BW3’s!


5 thoughts on “A Trans Activist Walks by a Farm…

  1. To say that being a woman requires female sexual biology is not to reduce her, as a person, to her sexual biology. It is merely to note that being a female person requires having female sexual biology.

    You might as well say that noting that undamaged humans have hands and feet reduces those persons to their appendages. It’s just such a weak argument,

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    • EXACTLY what these idiots don’t get. Women are sexually mature females, females are the members of the species who gestate children. Our WHOLE existence is colored by the fact of this potential due to how gestation is exploited by humanity.

      It is ludicrous to insist that women are just fuck holes. Assholes and mouths can be fuck holes too, but assholes and mouthes don’t gestate.

      It’s nothing but gas lighting that trans folk are pulling to deflect from the FACT that women are oppressed on account of their ANATOMIES. To pretend we are exploited on account of our looks is to render women complicit in their own oppression: “bitch wanted it, look at how she dressed!”

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