Woman Defined as Fuckable Object

“I’m tired of people accusing me of voting with my vagina,” my ex said in a social media thread endorsing Hillary Clinton.

His vagina. “You don’t have a vagina,” I said. He unfriended and blocked me.

Pretending to have a vagina is a salient feature of this transgender business. MtFs aren’t satisfied being gender non-conforming men. And they aren’t satisfied with the idea that they are transwomen, as in people born male who identify as women, as people different from natal women in the ways that they are in fact different. Being a transwoman is not good enough; they want to be indistinguishable from women. The goal is not to tell the world that they are nurturing or kind or that they like to knit or wear pink. Because men can do those things. The end goal is to tell the world that they have a vagina.

Clothing, hormones, surgery, and comments about voting with their vagina are all a means to the end of getting the world to believe that they have a vagina. “Don’t ask about my genitals,” transwomen complain, because they would prefer that you just assume they have a vagina.

It’s called a signal. People drive luxury cars to signal that they are wealthy, fuel-efficient cars to signal that they are tree-huggers, or race cars to signal that they are fast and fun. They buy Prada and Gucci to signal that they are high class. They get tattoos and piercings to signal that they’re counterculture. These signals are designed to get people the types of jobs, friends and social arrangements they prefer.

What does it mean to signal that you have a vagina, and what is the signal for? It doesn’t get you a better job or higher status. It doesn’t even get you a date, if you’re a MtF who likes women.

If Gucci stands for status, what does a vagina stand for? Let’s think about what vaginas do: they bleed, get pregnant, and get fucked.

Transwomen aren’t signaling that they have a vagina in order to get more access to tampons, birth control pills or pap smears, because they don’t need those. Transwomen are signaling that they are sexually submissive. There really isn’t another possibility here. Are they trying to get themselves a prescription for Monostat 7? A Summer’s Eve Douche? A Diva Cup? They don’t need these things, so no. They are trying to be thought of as fuckable.

Dear transwomen: I know the world is bombarding you with the message that women, by definition, are A Thing That Is Fucked, but that’s not actually what we are. And I know that, as a man, as a tourist in the land of Fuckable Object, who has never gotten the amount of sex that you’d prefer to have, being thought of as A Thing That Is Fucked is immensely gratifying to you. And it feels wholesome, and important, and not belittling or scary or an obstacle to opportunities or freedom. Welcome to your privilege. As a woman, we endure oppression and literal rape because of your definition of woman, the definition that women are not people with XX chromosomes or reproductive capacity, but instead are people who lay down and submit to getting fucked in a receptive way.

If you want to lay down and get fucked, I get that. Have fun. But redefining yourself as a woman when you want to lay down and get fucked, because to you women are by definition people who lay down and get fucked, is insulting to us. And is dangerous to us. And does not in fact make you someone who needs access to our bathrooms and locker rooms. As a matter of fact, your definition of us, as Fuckable Objects, keeps you squarely in the camp of Men, who have believed this from the beginning of time, because it helps you justify dismissing us and raping us and keeping us away from jobs and resources. Your desire to lay down and get fucked has not stopped you from thinking and behaving like a man, as evidenced by the way you think of women.

Why Your “Female Brain” Doesn’t Matter

I am currently exhausted by the number of articles floating around out there on the Internet by MtFs who claim that some mysterious, unproven chemical anomaly has definitely occurred in their brains that makes them women.

They usually produce some laundry list of random studies that indicate things like female babies look at faces more than male babies do, that women have larger prefrontal cortexes, that certain hormone washes in utero feminize the fetus brain, et cetera. I’m not going to link these articles because their intents, observations and conclusions have nothing to do with transgenderism one way or the other and none of their authors ever claimed they did.

Often, the rebuttal to these arguments is that studies about brain differences fail to account for nurture versus nature and are inconclusive. And that’s true, and worth pointing out. But I think it misses the point a bit. Because even if these studies were inarguably true (and that’s a big “if”), that wouldn’t make a man a woman.

Let’s take a look at some of the giant leaps of logic that are happening when a MtF uses these studies as evidence that he is a woman.

  1. That he, himself, is a person for whom these “brain differences” apply. That he looked at faces more when he was a baby. That he has a larger prefrontal cortex. That he knows the exact hormonal makeup of his mom’s prenatal fluid before he was born, and that it was definitely the kind of fluid proposed to feminize an infant’s brain.Guess what? These suppositions are one hundred percent invented, and I’ll bet you $100 none of them are true. They were latched onto to support a pet theory, which is inherently anti-scientific. If diagnostic tests were available to confirm or deny such physical anomalies, would the average MtF run and get them done? I doubt it, because he knows in his heart he won’t be able to count on the results. And if he did get those tests done, and the tests came out negative for “feminization”, would he abandon his assertion that he’s a woman? I doubt that too. Because it was never really about evidence, was it?
  2. That a male who looked at faces when he was a baby, or has a large prefrontal cortex, or who was awash in a particular hormone bath at conception, is anything but an outlier.If a study happens to prove that female babies look at faces more often than male babies do, it means just that. Females do it more often. Males do it less often. Not that males who do it are females.

    Sickle-cell anemia is more common in African Americans. However, if a white person turns up with it, that doesn’t mean he’s really black. Hemophilia is more common in males, but if a female has it, that doesn’t mean she’s really male. The early twenties are the most common age to develop schizophrenia, but if an older person gets it, that doesn’t mean he just defied physics and shaved twenty years off his age.

    Sometimes males look at faces a lot.

  3. That deviating from the average in regards to sex differences, assuming someone does, justifies his being treated as the other sex.Let’s just suppose for a moment that you were born male and you have a really large prefrontal cortex. That prefrontal cortex of yours will not cause you to need a tampon or to need to sit down to pee; thus there’s no reason, logistically, why you need to use a women’s restroom.

    You don’t belong in the women’s restroom for safety reasons, either, as you have more in common with those you purport to hide from than those you identify with. Your early face-watching propensities, if they existed, did not prevent you from being socialized male, from going through male puberty, and from having a penis. Men commit 90% of the world’s violent crime and 98% of its sexual crime, and neither your sex-atypical characteristics nor even your eventual transition, if it occurs, causes you to statistically deviate from that pattern. So we need protection from you in women’s shelters and prisons and restrooms at least as much as we need protection from other men.

    Your hormone wash didn’t prevent you from being 15% larger than we are, from having different metabolism and bone density and hip shape, and from being capable of crushing us in sports. So you don’t belong on female sports teams.

The fact is, we both agree on what you are. The only thing we disagree on is what’s the appropriate word for your condition.

We both know that you’re a person who was born with a penis who now holds some brain state or other that makes you wish you’d been born with a vagina.

You believe the appropriate word for that condition is “woman,” and you have one reason: you believe your human rights include others’ recognizing the supremacy of your brain state over your physicality. This is literally your only reason; you’ll label any other proposed criteria as harmful “gatekeeping.” Your reason is ideological, not physical, so reference to sex difference studies is disingenuous.

I believe the appropriate word for that condition is “man” (dysphoric man, sure). While I’d also like to protect my human rights, they don’t motivate my definition. My definition has been used for centuries and is still used in the entire rest of the animal kingdom, further suggesting that the change in the definition of “woman” was motivated by political ideology and not reality or science. A man is an adult male, a person with XY chromosomes, a person born with the reproductive organs that produce sperm.

But even if we got more esoteric, there would be hundreds of additional reasons to categorize you as a man.

Why do you suppose that only around 3% of the born-female population is lesbian, while well over half of MtFs prefer women? Because your sexual orientation is typical for a male.

While (natal) lesbians have the lowest HIV rate, MtFs have the highest. That’s due to a male-on-male transmission risk.

You don’t need hormonal birth control. You can’t get pregnant. You don’t menstruate. You’ll never consider getting an abortion. You’ll never need a pap smear (even if you’re post-op). You won’t bear a child and you likely won’t nurse a baby, although the latter is theoretically possible for men. Your risks include (or used to include) scrotal and prostrate cancer. It bears noting that we’re jumping through an awful lot of hoops to preserve our illusion that expectant mothers are “pregnant people” and “uterus bearers” instead of women. What is language for, if not to speak of categories in a way that makes sense and that describes how they actually affect our lives, instead of in a way that’s tortured?

Talk of the “cotton ceiling” and “misgendering” is cringeworthy, but telling. Why do you suppose people are having such a hard time accepting you as women? Could the roadblocks to complete acceptance stem from reality instead of bigotry? Does it matter at all that people don’t think of you as women, but are having to work at pretending they do? Does this suggest an underlying reality with maleness and femaleness that becomes exhausting to hide? That prevails, despite the best efforts of so many to be politically correct?

For most of you, your height is male. Your weight is male. Your shoulders and hips and hands and adam’s apples are male. We can certainly perform the required mental gymnastics to admit that some women are shaped differently from others and pretend that that’s why a given MtF looks like a man. But mental gymnastics they will be. When it’s time to cross to the other side of the street while walking home late at night, we can tell. And it’s important to our safety that we can tell, and it always has been. And we’re telling ourselves and often each other the truth about why we’re crossing the street, even if you’ve bullied us into not admitting it to you. Because we still have to maneuver our lives and get our business done and that includes facing the many implications of maleness and femaleness. We still have to do this, despite an attempted redefinition of what sexual orientation is, despite laws coercing actions around restrooms and pronouns, despite make-up and clothing and affectations.

We’re surprised when we read stories about “women” who break into houses and ejaculate in underwear drawers, molest children or murder their spouses. Then, when we learn the perpetrators were born male, we’re not surprised anymore. Because the words “woman” and “man” mean something.

And it’s important to the healthy development of our young female children that they get the opportunity to compete in sports and win games and earn scholarships without being outcompeted by men for all the usual reasons women are outcompeted by men.

And it’s important for the healing of women abused by men to have a respite from men.

I could go on forever about the ways in which it makes sense to recognize the existence of men. Or I could just point out that people of every kind already recognize men quite well every moment of every day, and already evaluate and respond to them accordingly, because we have to, because it makes sense to, because it’s nothing more than tortured pretense to do otherwise.