Return of the Beard

I dreamed I was looking into a portal into the past. My ex was in there and he had his beard. I could put my hand into the portal; I could touch the past. My ex from the present was also there, and next to me.

I wanted to reach into the past, and touch that beard. I knew that current ex would see me and that it would hurt his feelings, as he was so proud of eradicating that beard with laser surgery. I reached into the portal and touched it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Return of the Beard

  1. Good for you. Memories are important. They are random thoughts that keep us in touch with how things were at a particular time. They put us in touch with how we were feeling at a given time. No one can take our memories from us; whether they come to us in dreams or we search for them in old photo albums or letters and keepsakes. They were real in that fleeting moment that is gone. Widows should be allowed the dignity to remember and cherish before moving on.

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