From Sad to Antagonistic

My ex used to approach our differences, even as we separated and divorced, as something neither of us could help. I told him I considered the word “TERF” to be an insult and he agreed and said he’d never use it.

A few days ago, he bought an anti-“TERF” t-shirt.

From mysterious inner feelings that make him think he’s a woman, to hating actual women. I guess this shouldn’t surprise me from a man, but it did. From sadness, coping, allegedly doing his best, to angry antagonist who wants applause and points on the board.

Because refusing to verbally* accept a some 20-year old, politically motivated redefinition of the word “woman” or “female” from the one that has endured for thousands of years and continues to be used for the rest of the sex-differentiated animal kingdom, from “ova-producing” to “ova-producers and other assorted folks as they see fit,” shall make you a target of hatred.

*Verbally, because as far as I can tell I haven’t yet met a non-transgender person who agrees with the redefinition, whether conservative, liberal, radical feminist or just random schmuck on the street. But some of them say they do in public to be good allies.



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