Views on Sex and Gender: A Diagram


Second wave feminists – Accept the reality of physical sex; reject the legitimacy of gender roles

Conservatives/religionists – Accept the reality of physical sex, accept the legitimacy of gender roles

Transgenderists – Reject the reality of physical sex, accept the legitimacy of gender roles

7 thoughts on “Views on Sex and Gender: A Diagram

    • This is superb!! Seriously we should print these up and hand them out. Hand them out where? Anywhere! The grocery store. Definitely schools. Yes yes yes.

      Not surprised the troll was confused. And not just because sex and gender are used interchangeably all over the place. The trans lunacy presentation on sex and gender induces in us that feeling we all had in grade 9 algebra that we don’t understand this and should probably hide that fact.

      The whole concept of gender being socially constructed goes right over peoples heads. I kind of understand why. The full phrase is ‘socially constructed versus being given in nature’. Given in nature: men are like this women are like that, and society doesn’t exist.🙁

      A lot of people really want to believe every little thing in our lives is ‘given in nature’. Look at the popularity of sociobiology. With that simple minded, guess were supposed to say “reductive” but really it’s just simple minded, explanations for everything that happens in life.

      When we tell people gender/sex roles are socially constructed we’re swimming upstream.

      Oh and I’m going to tweet this. Unless you stop me. 😉

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  1. This makes so much sense! I think it’s a really interesting idea that the right’s promotion of rigid gender roles can push people into feeling they are transgender. I saw a TED talk by a woman whose child is MtF, and she said the first sign she had was that he brought a pair of red glittery shoes to her in the store and said, “Pretty!”

    I wonder if little MtF children were told that if they were boys, nothing at all would have to change, would they still insist they were girls? If they could still keep the long hair, the dresses, the pink room, the dolls and pretty toys, and if they would still be their parents’ little sweetie just the same as ever, and all the attention they got from doctors and therapists would be replaced with one-on-one attention in some other subject they were interested in, and all that would change is they would NOT have to get parts of their body cut off and would NOT have to take drugs, would they feel the same way?

    I have noticed that it seems to be a pattern in parents’ stories of transgender children that they were very resistant to their child’s gender-nonconforming behaviors and tried to stop them until they became convinced that their child was transgender. Such children must feel they are getting everything they want by switching genders, and have no concept of how they’ll have to pay the piper many years down the road, with sterilization, lifelong drug dependency, and unknowable health problems.

    It does seem that MtF’s image of themselves is more “feminine” than “female.” They perform femininity in a way that’s unlike most women, except for pageant contestants. Which is good, because it’s possible for a man to be feminine, but impossible for a man to be female.

    Sorry for the long post. This subject is pretty darn new to me and your blog is helping me understand so much better.


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