Are Transwomen a Threat in Women’s Spaces?

Trans people simply aren’t a threat, in restrooms or locker rooms or otherwise, insist transgender activists.

Below, a list of the people who undermine the credibility of that claim. Not radical feminists, not conservatives. These guys, who unfortunately for the trans movement, do exist (and in large numbers).

Due to the oppressively large body of source material to work from, this is a work in progress and will updated from time to time.

genericRobert Whitehead
Dressed as woman to photograph women in ladies’ restrooms
Took “multiple photos of different women in bathroom stalls  around the city with their pants down.”

genericJason Pomare
Dressed as woman to videotape women in ladies’ restrooms
“Wearing a wig and women’s clothing, including a bra… Pomare was formally charged with six counts of unlawful use of a concealed camera for purposes of sexual gratification.”

genericChristopher Todd Gard
Assaulted, choked 8-year-old in restroom while armed, wearing only women’s underwear
Arrested on complaints of aggravated assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm during a felony, kidnapping and indecent exposure.

genericRichard Rodriguez
Dressed as woman to photograph women in ladies’ restroom
Placed mirrors and cameras under restroom stalls to peep on and photograph women and children

genericPatrick Hagan
Transwoman who beat a woman for questioning his presence in ladies’ room
Truck driver and martial arts expert charged with beating a woman, who lost five teeth in the assault and may face $60,000 in medical bills

genericGregory Philip Schwartz
Dressed as woman to assault woman in bathroom
Wearing a stolen dress, climbed under stall to “assault with attempt to commit rape” against a woman as well as “assault with a deadly weapon” against a security guard who intercepted

genericEichi Yamamoto
Dressed as a woman so he could watch women in bath houses
“I wanted to see women naked,” he was quoted. “Dressing up as a woman was a step to do that.” Charged with 17 counts of illegally entering buildings and voyeurism.

genericRodney Kenneth Petersen
Dressed as woman to sneak into female dorms and photograph women
Dressed as a woman to sneak into female dorms and take photos of women with cellphone hidden in his purse; slammed his car into a security guard when confronted

Taylor J Beuhler

Dressed as woman for voyeurism, fetishism in ladies’ rooms
Suspect in multiple voyeurism incidents, admitted to taking a shower in a girls’ locker room “for sexual gratification”

genericMario Morales-Herrera
Dressed as woman to videotape women and children in ladies’ restroom
Recorded several women and children using the facilities. “I have watched thousands of videos like that,” said Morales, whom police described as “predatory” and “a danger to the safety of the community.”

genericWilliam R Johnson
Used fitting room at Kohls to try on, masturbate in women’s clothing
Admitted to masturbating on and stealing clothing on several occasions.


genericMarco A. Garcia
Cross dresses, stole children’s underwear, found with child porn
Prowls neighbors’ yards in lingerie; charged with burglary, theft, trespassing, possession of child porn

genericJohnathon Adrian Wolf
Convicted sex offender; raped a 20 year old deaf girl
Convicted for sexual assault; campaigning for women’s restroom use as “Johanna

genericReginald Cathanie Artis
Convicted of forcable sodomy, sexual battery of boys
Committed forceable sodomy on a 17 year old boy, sexual battery on a 16 year old boy. A doctor diagnosed Artis with narcissistic, avoidant and antisocial traits and found him likely to be a repeat offender. Identifies as transgender woman.

genericDonald Richards
Engaged in sexual conversation with 12-year-old boy; charged with luring
Investigators concerned that there could be other victims


genericHerman “Peaches” Burton
Assault, murder, arson
Police say he “robbed, beat and strangled [the victim], then set his room on fire to cover up the crime,” has been arrested for dozens of other assaults.

fialkowski3Joseph (Julianna) Tourmaline Fialkowski
Transwoman who abducted a child while youth counselor for at-risk youth
Charged with felony rape involving a juvenile, abduction with the intent to defile, producing child pornography, strangulation

Takahiro Murakami

Assaults women while crossdressed
Admitted to fondling and sexually assaulting women, crossdressing first in order to “alleviate a woman’s wariness.”

genericDavid (Reena) Andrews
Transwoman who shot Transman, then self
Investigators “still trying to piece together what happened leading up to the fatal confrontation”

genericStuart (Katelyn) Findlay
Transgender sex offender sentenced to women’s prison
Called “high risk” with 21 convictions including sex offenses, robbery, racially aggravated harrassment, threatening and abusive beahavior

genericPaul Ray (Paula) Witherspoon
Transgender sex offender scared woman in hospital restroom
Sexual assault and sexual indecency with two children, violated parole, charged with disorderly conduct for using women’s restroom in a hospital

genericRenell Thorpe
Fetishist restrained and raped woman, put on her clothes, took souvenir clothing
Held on a number of felony charges

genericClare Lawson
Transsexual who committed sadistic rape with crossdresser Peter Steel
Convicted of rape, inflicting grevous bodily harm, burglary and more.

genericPeter Steel
Crossdresser who committed sadistic rape with transsexual Clare Lawson
Convicted of rape, inflicting grevous bodily harm, burglary and more. Considered a “dangerous sex offender.”

genericStephen Owen
Sexually abused a six-year old while dressed in wife’s clothes
Also found guilty of indecent assault, indecency with a child, attempted rape against two other girls.

genericDavid John Harris
Fetishist crossdresser who attacks women while dressed
Multiple attacks upon women including an 18 year old and a 19 year old. Banned from crossdressing at night as part of a sexual offence protection order.

genericPaul Williams
Crossdresser who steals women’s underwear, exposes self
Also convicted of indecent assault; plotted to sexually assault a woman from his jail cell, collecting 1500 pages of “graphic and disturbing” letters and photographs of her.

genericCarl Dahn
Crossdresser charged with child pornography, arranged to meet 14-year-old girl
Dahn “made arrangements to meet who he thought was a 14-year-old girl… Dahn was dressed in a mini skirt, cowboy boots and women’s under clothing at the time.”


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